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Integration Bee

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CMM will be holding its second integration bee on the day of the competition. All CMM competitors are welcome to compete in this high octane event, which will consist of a qualifying round and then a final bracket for the top 16 individuals. The qualifying round will consist of 15 integrals at the AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC Level. If you are currently taking a calculus class, this is the competition for you. We will then select the top 16 individuals based on a sudden death method. After creating a bracket, the fun begins! Each competitor will have the authentic experience of working out the integrals on chalkboards, under the crunch of time pressure with everyone cheering you on in the background. After hard fought duels, the winner will be presented with a magic hat, capable of demystifying even the hardest of integrals.

To provide you with an idea of the difficulty of the integrals that will be featured in the final bracket, we have provided some example integrals below:


Easy Integral               


Medium Integral               


Hard Integral               

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