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CHMMC Proof-writing Primer Materials

​Ever since its outset, CHMMC has always included a proof-based aspect to the competition. Unfortunately,
many high schoolers who attend the competition may either have very little experience with mathematical
writing, or no experience at all. We intend to remedy this by providing resources and tips on this page of the CHMMC
website about the basics of mathematical writing. Below we have created a primer to help you prepare for the CHMMC proof-based exams and provided some essential supplementary material. The supplementary material is from
the (unofficial) Caltech course: Math 0: Transition to Mathematical Proofs, targeted towards incoming
Caltech students with no prior proof background. It aims to be a friendly, accessible introduction to proof-
writing and prepare students for Caltech’s intensive first-year coursework in mathematics.

    Supplementary Material

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